I started November with the aim of bringing a little bit of individuality, warmth and creativity to the lives of my closest friends and family. I started small, setting up small scale events, creating gift packages, and baking wonderful celebration cakes. Because of the overwhelming encouragement and enthusiasm of others, November grew from a small group of like minded people to what it has become today, a complete lifestyle experience. November inspires your lifestyle through celebration planning and our every day life through our charming cafes, our floral bouquets, cakes and event our gift hampers.

As we grew, we found that the events segment needed its own space, a chance to develop and expand in interesting and different directions. We created a separate company, Bibi Hayat Events and Design, which caters to luxury and bespoke occasions and weddings.

We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to expand our bakery into a cafe concept. There, we serve desserts and savories in an environment of our design, allowing our guests the chance to experience a piece of November. As an escape from your busy and sometimes overwhelming worlds, dine in or take away, we open our doors to you for any time or occasion.

We are all about the heart, taking the time to enjoy the little things as well as the big special occasions, all with the people you love and care for the most. I truly hope that you enjoy all that we have to offer and treasure the memories we help you create. I have always had a passion for beautiful things and love to be surrounded by them. November makes it much easier for beautiful things to be accessible to you. With my experience and urge to be constantly inspired and challenged, I will try to continue to set a higher standard in the industry, year after year.

Lots of love and plenty of thanks for all of your overwhelming support.